Why Trump Won?

As we speak Donald Trump is the president elect of the USA. According to main stream hoax media that should have never happened so the situation is extremely humiliating for them. People like Mike Cernovich and Scott Adams predicted Trump’s rise and victory a long time ago when loser pundits and hoax media pushed their masters’ agenda for the whole time without seeing the right things. Even here in Finland the lying mainstream media acted against Trump like they actually could influence American voters. It was both hilarious and pathetic. I personally placed a bet on July 2016 that Trump would win.



why and how trump won the election



Trump’s win was a demonstration of elaborate persuasion techniques and masculine, positive winning mindset. Great things are happening in America right now and it’s a victory for men all over the world that being assertive and strong isn’t going to be a crime for much longer in the western world. So why did Trump win? Here I’m going to give you a quick review of the book MAGA Mindset by Mike Cernovich which explains it all very loud and clear.


MAGA Mindset is the perfect and natural next step after Gorilla Mindset. Everything related to Trump’s story is an important main theme but MAGA Mindset has a much bigger picture of principles going back to Cernovich previous writing. Regarding that Gorilla Mindset is both the best and the worst book one can read. That’s because it offers you all the tools to making your life better in a practical way but also requires you really do something concrete about it. There’s no feel-good self-help bullshit that’s coming from “guru’s” around every corner since it makes you face the truth about yourself and your surroundings. That can be brutal for people clinging to their delusions.


Related to all that MAGA Mindset is a fascinating and a spot on case study about how the principles covered in Gorilla Mindset manifest themselves in reality when practiced relentlessly. It shows you in a very clear an understandable way the mechanics behind Trump’s rise and how Cernovich among only few others could see it from afar when almost no one else didn’t. The emphasis is largely on Trump’s own mindset and skillset followed by examples of how he has used certain techniques related to overcoming and reframing failures. Once you see it yourself everything becomes crystal clear (unless you’re a reality denying SJW or something similar). Some people are still suffering from painful cognitive dissonance.


MAGA Mindset also gives you a ring side view on the background and realities of mainstream media’s current terrible and corrupt state and most likely eventual downfall. All this is sowed into an interconnected web of the power of mindset, making your will manifest in the world, media and how Trump’s rise has forever changed the current times. The power that one man’s will can have is tremendous as Cernovich elaborates though Trump’s and his own examples. I think many people are increasingly enjoying that finally someone put into words what is happening, what’s behind it and how you can make an effect of your own.


If there are parallel universes  I’m certain in one of those Cernovich wrote Gorilla Mindset years before Trump decided to run and consequently Trump took much inspiration from the book (as he maybe did this time also). That led to Cernovich being his campaign manager with whose help Trump won the elections.


If you want to be wiser and stronger you will like this book.