Season 1 / Episode 1: The Criminal

Episode 1 has four chapters. Best to watch in order.


Chapter 1. The Meeting

The Finnish mafia gathers and one of the members has an important announcement to make.

Chapter 2. The Most Dangerous Game

Watch as Ray prepares and goes for the final kill.

Chapter 3. No Glory For Me

See how the hit job ended.

Chapter 4. The Criminal Meets The Grinder

Two men from different pasts meet by coincidence. The seed for an unlikely gang is sown.



Directed and edited by Michael Hall
Created, written and produced by Lauri Liukkonen
Music by Lauri Liukkonen
Score in Chapter 1. The Meeting by Hannes Horma
Music in The Most Dangerous Game & No Glory For Me produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Janne Saksa
Prison fight choreography and coordination in No Glory For Me by Arman Ansari
Aerial shots by 4k-media / Toni Helaakoski


Ray Coleman – Sami Huhtala
Mark Hayes – Juho Koskenranta
The Boss – Markku Toikka
Boss’ minions – Antti Väliaho & Aku Väliaho
Rusty – Timo Heikkonen
Gang members at the meeting: Eric Salonen, Janne Saksa, Teisa Koskinen, Pasi Kaaro, Antti & Aku Väliaho (Boss’ minions), Timo Heikkonen (Rusty), Lauri Liukkonen, Rane Peltomäki
Prison gang members: Arman Ansari & Douglas Dapaah-Agyemang (StuntBross), Farhad Kheirkhah, Peyman Karai
Bartender – Tomi Pietilä
Drunk – Epe Liukkonen

Special thanks to:
Hämeenlinna Prison & Jarmo Haavisto
William’s Pub Hämeenlinna & Jouni Niiranen